10 Signs a Guy Likes You by Coach Amy North Reviewed, Part 2 Signs #6-#10

Review of 10 Signs a Guy Likes You, by Coach Amy North, Part 2

Here we are at Part 2 where our Canadian women’s relationship Coach Amy North continues to share signs you can look for to tell if a guy is truly enjoying your company and desires to have a relationship with you. [Editor’s note: note that Coach Amy North hails from Canada, making her a Canadian coach. The ambiguity of the English language should not be taken to mean that the coach addresses only Canadian women. In fact, she addresses all women.]

[Editor’s note: Part 1 is here.]

I have to say in my mature voice, Coach has done a bang up job of helping any woman “read” a guy or perhaps her own guy. 

If you’ve just met someone, you can judge his interest by these observations. Or, if you’re already in a relationship and are wondering just how interested your guy is in you as a person with thoughts, opinions, and feelings, these tips come in just as handy. If you’ve already jumped into the sack with him (not my recommendation) you especially may need to see why he’s really with you. 

Guys have different needs and desires than women. Please don’t buy that it is all enculturated. It is deep genetic stuff. Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus, to quote Dr. John Gray’s book title from his 90s classic. Politically correct I am not. 

He Leans Towards You When You Talk

#6 – “He Leans Towards You When You Talk”

“…if you’re in a situation where he can hear you perfectly fine and he still leans in closely when you speak then chances are he’s interested in you.

“When he leans in like this, he’s getting close to you, inviting you into his space – so close he can smell your perfume – and sharing your aura.

“By softly stepping up the level of intimacy between you b[y] leaning in, he’s turning an ordinary conversation into a situation charged with sexual energy.”

Okay, we can do without the “aura” business, but once again, duh, yes he’s interested in you! 

My one check concerning her last point about “sexual energy” is that we’re assuming you’re looking for a life partner, a husband. While sexual energy is an important aspect of marriage, men too often are looking for this wherever they can get it. Don’t fall into the trap that to be equal to a man means being like him. You’re a woman, you’re distinctive but equal.

Beware! Who you are as a person, a human, a soul, is far more important when developing a relationship for a lifelong commitment. The sexual energy needs to be there, but in my humble opinion, unrequited until marriage. You wanna know sexual energy? Think honeymoon.

He Finds A Reason To Touch You

#7 – “He Finds A Reason To Touch You”

“Whether this means grazing your back as you cross the street, tucking a loose hair behind your ear, or simply placing a hand on your leg to emphasize a point when talking.

“If the man you’re into finds reasons to initiate physical contact, then it could be a test to see how you respond to his touch.”

“…Just a single stroke can communicate so much, sending goosebumps all over your body and making the brain release all kinds of endorphins.”

I suspect we are all too aware of this truth and physical response. “Chemistry” is such an important part of falling in love, but one must be sure to fall in love with the person, not the physical responses which release heady endorphins. 

Feeling in love and truly putting another person before yourself in a self-sacrificing and other-centered manner are two different responses which should ideally not be mutually exclusive. These two can be difficult to separate, but crucial if you are seeking to find someone with whom to share your life and future children in a mutually satisfying marriage. 

I say this because the endorphin release wanes in a long term relationship. It cannot be maintained, but mutually putting your spouse before yourself and him reciprocating can be maintained. This is a major part of what creates a successful and satisfying marriage. 

He Points His Toes Toward You

#8 – “He Points His Toes Toward You”

“Studies have shown that if a man’s feet are pointing towards you, he could be interested, because our feet typically point in the direction they want to go.

“Now, don’t spend the whole time looking down at his feet. That’ll just be weird and make him think you have a foot fetish.

“But do casually keep an eye on where they’re pointing when you’re together.”

More common sense that most often we don’t consciously consider. I’m inclined to think we probably get this subconsciously, but leave it to Coach Amy to say it out loud.

He Walks Beside You

#9 – “He Walks Beside You”

“When you walk together, is he constantly two steps ahead of you?

“If so, it means he’s more concerned about himself than you.

“…for the most part it’s not a good sign if he’s steaming ahead of you.

“On the other hand, if he’s right there by your side, shoulder to shoulder, always adjusting his pace to match yours, it’s a good sign he’s into you.”

I sincerely hope we all have been clear on this for a very long time. I’d add that if you find this is a consistent problem in relationships, stop and assess your behavior. 

Do you chat incessantly? Do you talk only about yourself? Do you dress in an outrageous or unflattering manner? Are you loud? 

Unless your man enjoys any of these traits, you might consider making some changes in your life and attitude. If relationships have been difficult to come by (and I’m not referring to the modern ubiquitous jumping into bed instantly or nearly so), reevaluate and reassess. We all need improvement.

He Keeps The Conversation Going

#10 – “He Keeps The Conversation Going”

“If a guy seems keen to always continue a conversation with you — either in person, on the phone, or via text messages — then there’s a good chance he’s at least somewhat interested in you romantically.

“After all, when someone is chatty, laughing a lot, and keeping a conversation going for hours on end, it usually means they’re enjoying the conversation! That’s a great sign, especially if a guy never seems keen on ending the chat or hanging up the phone, even when you’ve already been talking for hours.

“And when a man shows a genuine interest in your life, asks meaningful and thoughtful questions, and suggests you talk again [as] soon as the conversation is ending, that’s also a positive sign.”

Yes indeedy. Genuine, deep interest in one another, shared values, other-centeredness–this is the foundation of a potential life partnership, a marriage.

Summary: Coach Amy North has wisely laid out 10 astute signs as to whether or not a not a guy is truly “into you.” 

My one caveat is to also consider if perhaps you are being manipulated. For what, you ask? Sex? Money? A place to live? Power? ???

As a person who has worked with individuals for over three decades who have been manipulated by organizations and the people within, these various signs can also be deliberately used to exert control over an unsuspecting person. Please do not neglect to consider this possibility. 

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