4 Types Of Men

If you are looking for a man, it will help you understand them by classifying them in one of four categories: boy, player, confused and good.


This kind of man will always be a boy, regardless of how old he is. Growing up and growing old are two different things. Growing old is inevitable while growing up may never happen.

A boy cares little about your happiness as a woman. He does not know a lot about setting up a home together nor is he ready to learn. You will do the thinking and decision-making. He will be more concerned about his wardrobe than his character.

A boy is looser than a stretch mark. He is not discreet about his relationship and will kiss and tell regularly. He will talk about his woman to everybody, and does not hesitate to criticize her, even to her face in front of everyone.

A boy is more concerned about his mother’s opinion of him than of his woman’s opinion of him. A boy is not foward-looking and is content to live in the present, just like a child. He does not grasp the significance of responsibility. When his woman is angry, he returns the anger. He does not care or know how to calm her down.

He is not malicious because he is still a child. He prefers to hide away on his computer instead of showing concern for you, or taking part in family affairs, if there are children.

You cannot put a lawnmower engine in a car and expect the performance of a BMW. When a woman dates or marries a boy, she turns herself into a girl. She will transition from a mature thoughtful woman to a young nagging girl, and her girlfriends will think she has gone crazy.

It is easy for a woman to intimidate a boy and threaten his security by virtue of her status and income. Ironically, he believes that he deserves respect because he feels that he is a man based on how old he is.

It is difficult to have meaningful communication with a boy because he always thinks he is right and is never willing to admit that he is wrong. He looks down on her and thinks he is doing a her a favor by being her partner.


Singleness is better than dating a player. It is like pouring money down the toilet – a complete waste of your time, energy and love. They are cunning, selfish and inconsiderate; they typically maintain multiple relationships.

Women are attracted to players due to their attractiveness and flair. Players have some attractive qualities about them. They can be wealthy, well-known, tall, romantic, handsome, talented and more, characteristics that you want in a guy.

At the start, you will be swept off your feet. You will believe that you are the luckiest woman in the world. You will hear him tell you everything you love hearing, and then you will excuse all of his flaws. He will promise you the moon and more.

He will get into your heart through your head and dominate your thinking. He will spend endless amounts of time, money and effort just to sleep with you. Once he accomplishes that goal, the story takes a turn for the worse.

A player’s attention and affection are temporary. The first warning sign you will get from him is that his words and his actions do not match. Then he will change his behavior and timing, drastically. This will prompt you to start blaming yourself for what he did wrong. Sadly you accept blame for something that rightfully belongs to him.

A player limits his time with you due to the fact that he has other women to be with. It is hard to win the relationship game when you are up against a player. Only a woman who is materialistic has a chance at winning; she is not dating or marrying for love.

There is no room for love in a player’s heart. His soul remains totally inside himself, never to be shared with his victim. He is selfish, only in the relationship for the benefits, and will play the game as long as he can.

If he does marry you, he will tell chest thumping stories about his innocent wife just to sleep with another woman.


The problem with a confused man is that he is clueless about what he wants. He does not realize that relationships are like the front door of the house. You are either on the inside or the outside. A confused man will not commit to one or the other, putting one foot in and keeping one foot out. He wants to have it both ways.

Everyone will think that you and he have a wonderful relationship but deep down inside, you have no idea what he thinks about you. A confused man can be sincere, one who does not play games. He will love you, give you most of what you want, but he will tend not to commit to you. He will give you one excuse after another and put your life on hold. He is not doing this because he is being malicious but rather he has not thought about the long term with you in mind.

Obviously, there is no way to rush a loving relationship, but there is a night and day difference between enduring and ignoring. You can put up with a man who has a clear idea what he wants and where he wants to go in life even if it takes time to get there. Endurance can be risky with a confused man and a waste of time.

When a woman has finally had it and prepares to leave, a confused man will become a different person, making new promises and deadlines just to keep her on the hook for a while longer. Once she relents, he slips back to his old routines, making her play another round of the waiting game.

One of the biggest regrets you can make in life is to journey through life with someone who has no long-term thinking.

Good Man

A good man is what every good woman deserves to get. He is mature both in body and mind, leaving the childish ways and thinking behind him. He no longer plays games and is ready to commit to you and be faithful to you.

He takes full responsibility, holds on to integrity at any cost and seeks your greater good at his expense. His faithfulness to you is beyond reproach.

He exhibits sensitivity to your needs and a patient listening ear when you are going through a rough stretch. He will cherish you, adore you and encourage you to become a better person. His word is his honor and his actions will backup his words. Good men do not need to swear an oath to keep their promises. They can be trusted to follow through with their commitments.

He will make you his best friend, the one to whom he confides, and the center of his attention. He will laugh and cry with you. He will keep your future in mind and not dwell on your past.

When there is an argument, he will compassionately listen. If you are unhappy with him, he will strive to understand the reason. He will plan alongside of you, seeking your input.

He will trust you without reservation and will be generous when you need it the most. He may not be rich like a player, but he will be more than willing to share what little he has.

If you think good men are difficult to find, you should know that there are many good men seeking good women like you. Where are they? They are blocked from view by the boys, players and confused men. You simply have to get past them so you can see the truly good men. You set yourself up for failure by dating a boy or a player and expecting a good man to show up.

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