Affection Is A Need, Not A Want

When I stare at my man in awe and he catches me

Most men do not understand that we women need affection. Lots of it. From holding hands to kisses on the cheek to hugs to flowers, men either see these as entirely unnecessary or an annoying barrier to what they crave, which is sex. But if these x-y chromosome creatures could understand that they could get the sex by giving the affection, it would be a win-win for all concerned.

What is a good way for a man to start fulfilling this need? By setting for himself the goal of 10 significant touches each day. It is not going to be slapping us on the back 10 times in a row. It has to be meaningful displays of affection spaced out throughout the day. It doesn’t cost anything to do it and it only takes a minute or two, but it will go a long ways towards improving the relationship.

Guys who don’t take the time to show affection should be ignored. A good relationship is giving as well as getting. By giving affection, we will feel loved and cherished. We will know that we are important in his eyes. Being caught in his arms is something that gives us a buzz of energy.

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