Finding Your Soulmate

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Finding your soulmate is the search of a lifetime and countless books, seminars and support groups can attest to that. But there is at least one common denominator to them all: communication.

We all communicate with one another. We were born to communicate but sadly, we were not taught how to communicate, especially in the area of finding a life partner. There is no class in school that covers that subject and our parents, at least most of them, barely scratched the surface, let alone discuss the intricacies.

One of life’s most important aspects and we do not get any kind of help.

When you are dating, you are finding out if you can communicate with someone. You start with shallow topics such as the weather or the local sports team and then progress into deeper topics. Politics and religion are probably at the deepest level.

What you want to make sure is that you continue to have a meeting of the minds on every topic.

What is meeting of the minds? It is when you and he agree at the end of the discussion and even better, when both of. you can help each other advance further. It is not just nodding your head but actively engaging in a two-way exchange of information.

The more two people can do this, the better their relationship.

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