He Needs Her To Be Physically Attractive

While it’s important for guys to realize what our needs are, we should also be aware of what they need from us.

There’s a reason why guys flock to the gorgeous hot babe, no matter how shallow she may be, because guys have a built-in need for a woman who is physically attractive. Does that mean they need a model? No. That means there is hope for the rest of us.

What they need from a girl is for her to look her best. Is that shallow? No. It is a need, not a want. Much like we need conversation and guys don’t understand that. They are happy being quiet until they are hungry or tired. So we should just accept the fact that they have this need for a girl to be pretty.

Part of that attractiveness is keeping our weight down. It is easy to pack on the pounds but every additional pound means that we are becoming less attractive, and the less attractive we become, the more he will consider other options.

Jerry Springer revelled in combative confrontational interviews, and in this heartbreaking episode, the guy admits on national television that he cheated on her because she was fat. Now obviously, the guy is a total jerk about the way he went about dealing with it, but down deep, he had a need for physical attractiveness that she was not meeting.

Nothing good came out of this confrontation except more money for Jerry, the advertisers and the network. Humiliation, hurt feelings and a messy situation resulted from this.

Is he totally in the right and is she totally in the wrong? No, not by a long shot. But I bring this up as an extreme example of a man’s need for his girl to continue to look pretty. If he meets her needs, looking good should not be a problem.

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