He Needs Respect and Admiration

Canadian rapper Drake smiles up at Kentucky Wildcats basketball player Dwayne Cousins as Cousins gives an interview

The male ego is fragile. How fragile? He needs a woman’s respect and admiration. He needs to know that she thinks highly of him.

Famous singer Aretha Franklin hit gold with her rendition of “Respect”. She was singing it for women everywhere but men needed it just as much as women.

In this humorous meme, we have two famous faces, Toronto rapper Drake and basketball player DeMarcus Cousins. At the time of this video, DeMarcus Cousins and the University of Kentucky Wildcats defeated Wake Forest University by an astounding score of 90 to 60 in March 2010.

Drake seems to enjoy being around basketball players, especially after a big game, so during the post-game interviews, Drake was there for the interview alongside Cousins. Even though Drake is just about 6 feet tall, he is dwarfed in the photo by Cousins’s 6′ 9″.

Here is the actual video from which this image was taken:

Cousins was asked if the trash-talking in the days leading up to the game affected him.

The interesting part was Drake’s reactions as Cousins talks. He is clearly enjoying basking in the limelight of others, especially on camera.

This scene has been repurposed to indicate the joy a woman feels when listening to her man recount the romantic time the two had met. Men are not big on memories, and rarely step back in time to recall various important events, even one as important as meeting one another for the first time.

If men could understand how important it is for a woman to know that their memories are always cherished. It would mean the world to us if we could know that what is important to us is also important to him.

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