He Needs to Shower You With Affection

A monkey smiles amid a mess of pink ribbon

Affection is one of those basic needs of a woman that require both quantity and quality. It is not enough for us to get affection once a day. It needs to be a stream throughout the day. But it also needs to be of a certain minimum quality. It cannot be the same thing over and over again and it cannot be half-hearted.

Nobody likes a half-hearted handshake. So it is for a hug or compliment. The hug has to be a full one and the compliment has to be genuine.

Guys do not realize this. They either think that they have a quota to fill and as long as they get their 10 or so acts of affection done, they have met their quota.

No, they have to mean it each and every time. They have to show some effort, especially when we are not at our best, like first thing in the morning.

It is not that hard to give us a compliment like the one pictured but a lot harder to make it a habit. And that is what makes the relationship work – a habit of showing affection.

In fact, Admiral William H. McRaven asserted that a simple action done first thing in the morning was a step towards a successful day. At the University of Texas, Austin, he gave a commencement speech in which he exhorted the students to make their bed after getting out of it. The benefit, he said, was that they accomplished the first task of the day. By completing this task, they would have the momentum to do their next task and the task after that.

Likewise, by complimenting his girl first thing in the morning, it sets a precedent for more affectionate actions throughout the day. This could be the one thing that makes everything else easier and better for the relationship.

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