It Helps To Have the Same Kind of Humor

Victor Borge, the renowned pianist-comedian who escaped Nazi Germany to live in the United States and entertain millions of people, said, “Laughter is the shortest distance between two people.”

No truer words can be said. When two people laugh together, they have connected in a special way. Since communication is the “meeting of the minds”, laughter is evidence that communication has occurred and that two or more minds have met.

What is a comedian’s worst nightmare? Dead silence after a joke. That means that the minds have not met.

So it is in a relationship. When he tries to make you laugh, and then has to explain the joke to you, your minds have not met. If you don’t find him funny or amusing, that is not a good sign. But if he can make you laugh with a joke or expression, the two of you have just deepened your relationship.

Part of life is laughing, and when you can laugh together, it really strengthens the relationship. Plus, science has shown that laughter actually improves your health.

The Mayo Clinic states that laughter relieves stress, improves the immune system and releases endorphins into your body. There is a reason why “laughter is the best medicine”.

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