Is He For You? One Way to Tell

Bride in wedding dress walking down the aisle in an outdoor wedding

A man has to be generous with his woman. His stinginess will annoy a woman to no end. Does that mean that he must break the bank to satisfy her? Of course not. But finding ways to supersize things tells her that he cares for her and that is what women need – someone to care for her.

But how does a man know how generous to be? For starters, anything over and beyond the requested amount, as illustrated here. It would help if a girl set the bar low so as not to set herself up for disappointment, plus, a low bar can always be raised later, but a high bar is hard to lower.

It boils down to expectations.

How are expectations set? From our childhood. As we grew up, our expectations were being programmed into us. The guy needs to understand this in order to know what he will be expected to do.

This is why it is important for couples to be able to communicate effectively, to have a meeting of the minds. Only when there is a meeting of the minds can there be realistic setting and meeting of expectations.

The woman cannot expect a man to read her mind and automatically meet her expectations and the man cannot expect the woman to be satisfied with his level of generosity without finding out what she is used to.

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