Is Love More Than Chemistry?

2 cats together in bed watching a MacBook computer screen

Is love strictly chemistry or more than just chemistry?

There is no denying that feelings and emotions are part of the dating relationship, but how much weight should we place on them when deciding whether or not a particular guy is right for us?

Not much, if goals are important.

Feelings are reactive. That emotional buzz you get when you are with a man depends on something else. And if it depends on something else, then you have to sit there and wait for things to happen.

A goal means that you have proactively thought about something you want. There are many good things out there in the world but only a few best things. Those best things should be goals.

When it comes time to decide whether or not a relationship is worth pursuing, you have to decide what are the best things that this relationship is capable of producing. Those are goals.

Goals require the right habits that must be done regardless of how you feel. That means that chemistry is not very helpful in establishing and reaching your relationship goals. You must work hard on reaching those goals whether you are happy, sad or angry.

By the way, watching videos in bed is not a good thing, as appealing as it looks. That is because you train your body to stay awake when. you are in bed rather than falling asleep. If you want to get a good night’s sleep, your bed should be used for one thing and one thing only – sleep. Okay, there is another activity that is done in bed, but it is definitely not watching the computer screen.

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