Look Back After You Say Goodbye

Leopard gecko stands up in glass tank, paw resting on glass wall, looking out

There is a powerful scene in the movie The Bridges of Madison County in which Robert Kincaid, world-traveling photographer for National Geographic, meets Francesca Johnson, an Iowan housewife, while he is in town on a photographic assignment and her husband and two children are away for several days.

It becomes evident to Robert that Francesca’s marriage is loveless and the two of them have a passionate affair Soon, he wants her to come with him which would require her to leave her family behind.

Towards the end of the movie, Robert can sense that she is unwilling to abandon her family for him and they finally have the heart to heart talk. She cries but remains firm; they embrace. But then he walks out of the house and gets into his truck while she watches him, helpless to prevent him from leaving. He starts driving away.

But suddenly, he stops and gets out. She rushes towards him and then he starts running back towards her. They embrace and kiss one last time. They would never see each other again, but the four days they spent together would changes their lives forever.

The story is one of forbidden love, but it was a true love nonetheless.

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