Is Love Primarily A Mindset Or Emotion?

Just because I'm mad doesn't mean that I stop caring

If you love someone, what happens when you are angry at that person? Have you stopped loving him? Or is it possible to love him and be angry with him at the same time?

Hollywood, romance novels and pop psychology would have us believe that love is a feeling, a warm fuzzy. But that would mean that love is reactive. You. can only feel love in response to something positive.

A better way to understand love is to view it as a mindset coupled with action. That means that it is proactive. You can initiate the love. You can love someone even while you are angry with him. This means that you can love someone no matter what, regardless of your feelings.

There are feelings involved in true love but it is only a small component of it. The more love is equated with feelings, the harder it is to stay in love.

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