A Man Needs To Be Committed To The Family

Joanna Gaines inside a room doing an interview while husband Chip looks in through the window from outside

Chip and Joanna Gaines, famous celebrity couple of the show “Fixer Upper”, are a rarity in show business. First, they are happily married with five children; second, they have been married since 2003!

What is the secret to their success in a crucible that breaks couples up like a wave washing over a sand castle? Kim and Kanye did not go past six years.

A big part of that is Chip’s commitment to the family. What is the typical father? Oblivious. He gets absorbed in his own pursuits at the expense of the family, leaving all of the chores to her. He could be playing in two softball leagues, gaming with his buddies online or watching the local sports team.

This is one of a woman’s core needs: family commitment. Whether it is helping with the kids, doing household chores or supporting the wife in an outside endeavor, he needs to be there for them, especially for her.

This meme says it all about their relationship. She is being interviewed by NBC while Chip stands outside the glass window, cheering her on. He could be hanging out somewhere, doing his own thing. But instead, it was important to him to be as close to her as possible.

What makes the Chip-Jo relationship work year after year is that they are best friends. They work at it whereas Kim and Kanye did not.

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