What Makes A Relationship Click and Tick?

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Is there one thing about a relationship that would make everything else easier? I think so. I think that one thing is the “meeting of the minds”. Meeting of the minds is when the two of you understand each other on a particular topic. It could be sports, religion, careers or any number of interests and pursuits, but the fundamental question is: does your mind meet his?

Take a simple topic: diet. Does he like a Big Mac and fries while you like salads and veggie smoothies? There is no meeting of the minds there. When one person goes vegan while the other continues to eat meat, the meal choices are a lot more difficult to satisfy both. While it is not a dealbreaker, it does complicate the relationship. It means that the couple needs to find a way to have a meeting of the minds in other areas because this area will always be a point of contention.

One common area where meeting of the minds is important is that of religion. Considering that religion is one of the most important areas of one’s life, it helps for both people to believe the same religion and preferably with the same intensity.

If he is an unbeliever while she goes to church every week, that is a recipe for disaster. Especially if she tries to change him.

There will never be a complete and perfect matchup between two people but both partners need to find ways to have a meeting of the minds in as many areas as possible.

When you have more meeting of the minds, it makes everything else easier.

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