When You Finally Meet The One

When you finally meet the one

We are all looking for “the one”. How do we know when we have met “the one”?

Billions of people have pondered this question for many thousands, perhaps tens of thousands of years. And surprisingly, the answer has not gotten any better.

We wonder if we have found the right guy, or if this guy will turn out to be an absolute dud a year from now, or even worse, show up in court facing domestic abuse charges.

One of the ways to know if we have found “the one” is what is called “the meeting of the minds”. That is, does he and I agree on what we’re talking about at many levels?

Think about this. Why do we enjoy spending time with a friend? Is it because we like to sit there and look at each other? No, we like to spend time with a friend because we enjoy the conversation. It is knowing that someone is listening to you and agrees with you. And then helps you progress in life by responding.

That is truly a meeting of the minds. Without a meeting of the minds, there will be arguments, separation and awkward silence.

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