A Woman Can’t Get Enough Affection

Bugs Bunny's girlfriend, Lola Rabbit, looking happy in the first panel, then supremely satisfied in the second

If there is anything you would want a man to give you more of, it would be affection. It is even more valuable than money because you can always make money by the boatload, but affection only comes when he puts the time and effort into it.

It is important to educate him on what you find affectionate. The basics include flowers, cards, chocolate, holding your hand, kiss on the cheek and a hug, especially a hug from behind. It seems that we were made to respond to being hugged from behind.

Being hugged while he’s asleep needs a certain amount of preparation. He needs to be in the habit of showing you affection when he’s awake so that when he’s sleeping, it comes automatically and naturally.

In order for him to be in the habit, he should be showing you affection for a good ten times per day, spaced throughout. And if he doesn’t do it so well, you’ll need to correct him indirectly, not demanding. If you demand it, you can wave that affection goodbye.

But if you coax it out of him, like growing a plant, and starting with just one affectionate act per day, you can increase it, slowly but surely, until it becomes second nature.

Have you heard a woman complain that she gets too much affection from her man? Neither have I.

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