Women Need Honesty and Openness

Man relaxes on the bed while leaning up against the headboard in barefeet and hands clasped behind his head

Just like affection is the fuel for the physical side of a relationship for a woman, so honesty and openness is the fuel for the mental side.

Lying is a red flag, especially in the early stages of a relationship. But for women, it has two aspects.

The first part is honesty itself. Not lying, not fudging the facts, not being straightforward. How many times have we read of a story where the guy keeps feeding lies to his girlfriend and she keeps believing him right up until the truth is revealed? It is stomach-wrenching. No girl should get used like that.

The second part is openness. He needs to tell her what is going on. There could be an attractive element of mysteriousness at the beginning of a relationship, but mystery is not a good thing for a relationship’s longevity. The woman cannot be kept guessing what is going on in the guy’s life. He needs to tell her what is going on in his life, what is going on in his mind.

This does not mean that the man needs to have a digital word-for-word transcript of his every thought and word, repeatable on command like the play button. A girl cannot expect that from any guy.

Instead, there has to be a Goldilocks “just right” balance between no words and every word. Somewhere in the middle. If a woman can be satisfied with an edited version of how the day went for a guy, it will keep her informed and keep him talking. And that works wonders for a relationship.

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